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On Our Fourth Anniversary

December 2, 2010


My Gnomie has created this wonderful composition
and has written this especial poem
for our Fourth Wedding Anniversary.

 it was the soul of a boy
to have dreamed a dream
in day no less
of castles away in Spain,
out the window beyond the sky
past clouded classroom teachings.
sailing the airs of Beethoven´s Ninth
the niña the pinta and Santa María
seeking his mate to return to age
again but a boy in recitation.

together we two
these years of four
fifty years hence Iberia reached,
you are my Ode to Joy.

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  1. January 31, 2011 7:13 pm

    I loved the photo with this poem. I sat there reading these lovely words and the photo just makes it perfect. It has it all; love, history music. Que Bella.

  2. February 11, 2011 10:48 pm

    So beautiful!I wish someone would write me a beautiful poem just like this!The picture brought tears to my eyes.So lovely!

    Truly appreciate you dropping by my place,always.Means a lot to me.

  3. February 22, 2011 2:32 pm

    Tanith and June, thank you ever so much for your beautiful remarks. It is people like you that give us such great joy.


  4. March 1, 2011 4:32 am

    oh so beautiful! I am amazed … truly … 🙂

  5. dulcinaandgnome permalink*
    April 10, 2011 9:28 am

    Thank you Doc. 🙂

    As you can see, we don’t get over here too often so I apologize for the lateness of our reply.

  6. September 12, 2011 10:09 pm

    THIS is ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS!!!!!! Wowzers!

  7. dulcinaandgnome permalink*
    October 4, 2011 8:24 am

    Hola Sherry, thanks for stopping by. I apologize for taking almost a month to get here but what a surprise to find you and Salem have both visited!
    I am honored,

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