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Flying fisher

January 10, 2013

flying fisher by shore
expert diver sighting prey
raptor of the bay

raptor of the bay
neither seagull nor eagle
malefic angel

malefic angel
hovering on the water
with evil feathers

with evil feathers
wings flapping in the wind
plunging from the heights

plunging from the heights
its victim clawed in midair
so majestic flight!

so majestic flight!
fiery eyes looking for fish
drowned by greediness

~ Dulcina ~


Never where I was

January 9, 2013


Never where I was I were
but away, away…
a place though I don’t remember
my heart says it must exist,
a place
strangely I miss plenty, enjoying a non-existence
in beatific peace, fairly,
outside orbital space,
far from death, off worldly limits,
void of human emptiness,
in which noises can’t be heard,
voices in arpeggio wave,
no shit to share, no sweat to smell,
sacred essence of camellias,
no dark to fear, no dust to clear,
layers of the finest crystal,
no fights to win or orders to obey,
everlasting harmony,
no injustice to bear, no lies to hear,
the language of innocence,
no more ugliness, no more anger,
fed by the mana of faith,
no more raw sex for sex’s sake,
a kind of different pleasure, sense absence,
a gift only a few have felt.
Anticipation of something mortals
are not allowed in this world.

Eternal bliss,
dreams being go on dreaming,
all days time stopped are vanished,
haste of frenzy hours gone,
tumbled walls in holy holes,
our long lost paradise for ever green,
floating on celestial clouds.

That place nowhere where all is love,
the only ambition life in grace,
total absence of things and words,
magic dancing with happy angels,
silver lyres and flutes playing in praise
with joyful spirits, all friends,
in His divine awful presence,
completely imbued in His very trusted Word.

Yet, by now, still on ground
stuck to gravity, earthly bound,
flesh attracted by same flesh,
mortal body and matters here
keeping soul in tight console,
narrow mind hard to control,
rare atmosphere in which to breathe,
beat after beat, till heart fails,
brain stops, skin turns pale,
eyes are closed by someone near
and then… then…
to that nowhere where all is null,
none can be extinguished
for anima remains eternal
in His merciful forgiveness.

Never where I am I really am,
but away… away…
leaving the universal dwelling
as if I had not existed
– have I? –
where I came from,
where I primary belong,


~ Dulcina ~

Today’s now

January 9, 2013
now a baby’s born
many people making love
today I’m happy
today I’m happy
a new star shines in the sky
a new seed planted
a new seed planted
an agreement to peace
our child is singing


January 9, 2013
that tree he’s cutting,
new wood for his house, next bed, 
his unknown coffin  


January 9, 2013
tulip field
Nature’s colored loom
woven roots

Little suns

October 23, 2012

a field

full of little suns

looking at big dad


~ Dulcina ~


October 12, 2012

moon face smile
under combed night, 
sad eyes, cherry lips


white powdered face,
black hair – servile
power of geisha


~ Dulcina ~