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The Power of Love

The Power of Love” is a power ballad co-written and originally recorded by Jennifer Rush. It has been covered by several artists, most notably by Laura Branigan and Céline Dion, and translated into several languages, becoming a pop standard.

The song was first recorded by Jennifer Rush  in 1984.

In 1986 this song was performed by Air Supply, subtitled “You Are My Lady”

In 1987 by Laura Branigan

In 1993 by Celine Dion

Other versions:

Other male artists to have recorded the English version of the song include David Alexander, Mark Bautista, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Crawford and Engelbert Humperdink . In addition to Jennifer Rush, Laura Branigan and Celine Dion, other female artists to have recorded the English version of the song include Shirley Bassey, Mary Duff and Nana Mouskouri.

In December of 1996 Belgian singer Sanne (née Sandra Denotté) reached #2 on the charts for the Flemish region of Belgium with a Flemish rendering of “The Power of Love” entitled “Land van ons twee”; Sanne’s single spent a total of 22 weeks in the Ultratop 50 eleven of them in the Top Ten.

The Spanish version of “The Power of Love” introduced by Jennifer Rush: “”Si tu eres mi hombre y yo tu mujer”, has been recorded by a number of Latin artists including Yolandita Monge, Amanda Miguel, Angela Carrasco, La India, also by Los Melódicos, and Operación Triunfo alumna Dulce. Some versions of the song have been made in a Latin style featuring salsa and merengue rhythms. Brazilian singer Rosana recorded a Portuguese version, “O Amor e o Poder,” in the 1980s. Dominican singer Anaís sang a Spanglish version of the song in her Así Soy Yo Tour concerts.

Petra Janů, a Czech female singer, recorded with the band Golem Jana Václavíka a Czechoslovakian version of the song, “Už nejsem volná”, which she released as a single from her album Už nejsem volná (1986). Janů released a live version in 1988 and re-recorded the song in 1997. Angelika Milster recorded a German version of “The Power of Love” entitled “Du bist mein Leben” for her 1995 album Ich liebe Dich produced by Jack White. A German version, “Die Macht der Liebe” made it onto West German pop charts in the 1980s. A Punjabi version of the song (“Sitam,” sung by Amar) was featured in the 2002 film Bend It Like Beckham. Japanese singer Yuna Ito recorded the song for her sophomore album Wish.

A Swedish song with a different theme, “Ängel i natt” (“Angel Tonight”), was written and recorded to the music of “The Power of Love” in 1985 by Elisabeth Andreassen. In 1995, Swedish dansband Sten & Stanley recorded “Ängel i natt.”

In 2010, the japanese singer Juju covered “The Power of Love” in her 3rd album.


My favourite versions are Jennifer´s and Air Supply´s, though most people prefer Celine´s…

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  1. November 24, 2010 5:53 pm

    celine dion will always be one of the best singer, she has the unique sounding voice ,~`

  2. dulcinaandgnome permalink*
    December 3, 2010 12:14 am

    Thanks for your kind comment.
    We agree with your opinion: Celine Dion´s voice is unique and she is one of the best singers nowadays.

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