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Images of Cantabria

Here you can see a first selection of the pics we have been taking all along Cantabria since we moved here in 2007. More will be added in the near future.                                                                    

Our cabin and neighborhood

Terraza_1View from our deck

Cross and T 069Maybe the signature of the cabin maker or owner on the wall ?

The Spring 019The fountain where the cows drink

Beautiful, strange and funny clouds

Dove 082A cloud and the smoke from a fire made a dove

Wind Driven Storm Clouds 001Lools like a dino over the mountains. 

Clouds_Two fishes 013A couple of fish talking in the sky

Sunset 021Getting dark

Clouds 129Like little pieces of wool in the horizon

Clouds at Sunset 043Dressing the mountain in cream

San Roque de Riomiera

San Roque de Riomiera 039From afar

         San Roque de Riomiera 035In the distance

The Virgin 097We call this curious rock “The Virgin”, or is it San Roque…?

Friendly animals

Princess_097Our cute Princess has turned out to be Big BallsJuan and Sonias dog 058Les, always happy and ready to help

Horses 018Horses eating in our land

Horse and Les 059Les making friends

Emilias dog 062Our crabby neighbour, “Perro”, the chicken guardian

Poultry 084The proud  rouster

Poultry 086The timid hens

Horse 003The white horse in the distance

Goats 028Goats


Fire 092Fire on the mountain Fire 088Flames in the night

Fire_bis 130Sunset pink smoke

Fire 104Near our land


Trees 089In winter

Tree 038In spring

Our treasures

Hearts 011My Gnome found these two stone hearts

Stone Heart 038Another stone heart

Rose 053This stone rose appeared in the wall of our cabin

Flowers 007A shelter for little birds and a pansy

Stone Glass 012An old stone bowl

Tool 057Where is your handle…?


Roads in the mountain

View 034Past the Caracol


Mountains 007Las Esguinzas, unique and powerful

View 036Porracolina

Things of our cabin

Light 050The lamp

Tools and accesories for the garden

Gloves 098Thanks for protecting our hands


Rain Drops 097Rain pearls adorning the branches




Palacio la Magdalena_114

Palacio de la Magdalena_128

Playa de la Magdalena_290


La Magdalena_103

La Magdalena_197


Ship and seagull_312


Santander Casino 009The Casino

Weird things 

Goat Skull 066A goat skull we found in our land


Full Moon 019Full moon


Snow  005The cabin below

Springs or “regatos”

Spring 007On the way down


View 003



Bridge Río Miera 042River Miera


To be continued… 🙂 

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  1. August 21, 2012 1:37 pm

    Some beautiful shots here 🙂 I couldn’t find one of your gnome ?

  2. dulcinaandgnome permalink*
    August 25, 2012 6:59 am

    Hehehe! My gnomie is very shy, he is The Unknown Gnome 🙂
    Thanks for your visit.

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